Each year in August our committee invites the general public and our partners to join us on a River Walk.

At this time we showcase of current work and provide our work crew with an opportunity to explain how we construct the river structures.

Keeping the public informed is of vital importance to both our committee and all of our sponsors.

If you go to our Gallery section of our Web Page you will find several pictures from past River Walks.


date28 Mar


This area between Ferguson Brook and The Falls has already attracted spawning salmon.

This picture was taken August 2011.



date19 Mar

                        Before you can release a fish you must catch one first. Releasing is far easier that catching and far more important .

This is a picture of our former Chairman, John O’Hearn on the Forteau Brook, Labrador.

He released several that day.


date18 Mar

Perry Swan took this picture of the bridge on Ferguson’s Brook just before it enters the Waugh’s River. The snow is melting but not before ice has damaged pipes that lead to our Hatchery.

This is not uncommon but still it will mean a work crew will be busy in April.


date17 Mar

Sponsored by the Atlantic Salmon Federation and delivered on the North Shore by our Association this is a Hands On Experience for our Elementary School Children.

With equipment purchased by our Community Health Board, our school kids get a chance to rear salmon and trout from the egg stage through to release. In this picture the kids are releasing trout into the Waugh’s River.


date17 Mar

In order to better understand how to enhance the quality of our watershed, our group takes into consideration many factors. One of those factors is the underlying geology of our stream’s bedrock.

Dr. Howard Donohoe retired geologist from NSNR is an authority on the subject. We requested his advice and you can find his Report to us on our Resources section at the top of our webpage.


date15 Mar

This is the Trout Brook where it crosses the Balmoral Road on the Toole Family property. In 2008 our summer crew constructed several structures.

date11 Mar

    For many years Jim Fraser was a dedicated Board member as well as our Crew Supervisor . Jim retired several years ago.

The work that he did on behalf the North Colchester River Restoration Association goes on enhancing the water quality of our watershed.


date9 Mar

Check out this interesting info on the purpose of Digger Logs 

This link is courtesy of www.coastalaction.org

The site to visit is below



date6 Mar

The North Colchester River Restoration Association welcomes two new members to the Board. Alyson Doyle of Tatamagouche and Trudie Rice of The Falls sat in on their first meeting in February.

The Excveutive Board members  for 2012 are

Perry Swan, Chairman

Cheryl Sutherland, Tresurer

Trudie Rice, Secretary

John O’Hearn Past Chairman

If anyone wants to make contact with any member of the Board leave a comment on our website.


date6 Mar