Check out the new photos taken last week.

You can find them at Justin’s Photos, top right, main page.


date18 Jun

Over the next few months we will be posting our Crew Leader’s photos of our River work.

Here is today’s sampling. You will find them under Justin’s Photos on the top of our main page.


date15 Jun

It has been a struggle but I think that I am ready to move on to managing  the Web Page Option Photo Gallery.

Lets start this week with our Ferguson Brook Fish Hatchery.

Check out the slideshow  as of today. More will be added each day until next week.



date15 Jun

Our new Crew Leader has been very busy this past week.

Justin Lewis has walked half way to Earltown on The Waugh’s River.

In doing so he has taken hundreds of GPS waypoints, snapped scores of photos and caught and released over 20 fish.

Over the next few months I will post his photos every week.



date12 Jun

Justin Lewis is the new Crew Leader for the 2012 work program.

Justin is a SFX student with the Aquatic Resources Program  in Antigonish.

The rest of the crew will start work in July.

Justin will be getting his feet wet all month as he aquires GPS data on both rivers.










date4 Jun

 Committee member Dorit Swan and her crew were out planting trees this week. Why you might ask?

Planting trees improves fish habitat and assists with better water management. Carefully sited, native trees and woods can help to maintain and improve water quality and reduce the risk and severity of flooding. With regards to river restoration, riparian trees and woods can provide dappled or broken shade that help reduce water temperatures, benefitting fisheries and other wildlife. Trees can also help stabilise river banks, reducing erosion during flood events. Tree planting is a priority to good river restoration.

date15 May

Just another Sunday and guess what?

 Brad catches another Brown Trout, this one on The French River.


date30 Apr


River Committee  member Brad Smith had the first fish in the creel by 7am on Sunday the 15th.

While we encourage Catch and Release, Brad’s first priority of a new season is the fish on a plate quota for Mother –in-Law Anne MacKeen.


date15 Apr

It is not long until April 15. Clean up your gear and prepare for a new Season. The word in Stewiake is that the stripe bass are already in their river.

Tight Lines.


date30 Mar

Perry Swan and the Millbrook First Nation fisheries representatives have held several discussions on how both of groups could work more closely together.

Following today’s meeting in  Truro it was agreed that this year’s Annual River Walk held in August and hosted by The North Shore River  Restoration Association will be co-hosted by the Millbrook First Nation.

In the attached photo are Perry Swan, Adrian Gloade, Michelle Gloade and Andrew Johnson.

More information will be available soon and  is the place to be to be kept informed.


date29 Mar