The Summer Crew for 2016 and their new supervisor are busy at work on our project for this year.

Supervisor Dana Hingley
Andee Weatherby, returning from last year
Jack Langille
Kaleb Buckler

We started this year with a audit of the river around areas where we had done work over the past 2 years. Structures requiring maintenance were identified and areas where new work was required were flagged . Dana, Frank and I did an inventory of our equipment and our power tools were serviced for safe and proper operation.

In late June we sent Dana and Andee to a 3 day workshop sponsored by Clean Nova Scotia which was held at Dalhousie in Truro. The whole crew dad a 1 day hands on workshop with Adopt A Stream in Pictou centered around proper structure building and placement.

Last week we were pleased to have Charles Macinnis , a consultant with Adopt A Stream and Nick Macinnis from Adopt A Stream spend a day on the river with Frank and I and the crew setting out a detailed work plan for the year. We really appreciate their expert advise.

Its now warm and hot days on the river for the crew completing the tasks at hand.

Doug Bastow

date19 Jul

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