Members and Directors are invited to join the Executive of the Nova Scotia Salmon Association for the 2015 Fall Meeting. 

Tipperary Cafe / Sterling Room, Main Street Tatamagouche


10:30           Call to order

10:45           Approval of minutes:

  • January 2015 (Bridgewater)
  • October 2014 (Antigonish)
  • B. AGM minutes circulated.

10:55           Correspondence (Lahave River, Outdoor Women, and Margaree)

11:00           NSLC Adopt a Stream: Bob Rutherford and Amy Weston

11:30                     Affiliate and Guest Presentations:

North Colchester River Restoration Association

12:00 – 12:45 Lunch break

12:45                     Alan McNeill, NS Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

  • An overview of the draft Strategic Plan for Sportfishing
  • A proposed new salmon enhancement initiative

1:30             Reports from Executive and Standing Committees:

  • Executive
  • Fundraising (Sean)
  • Communications (Heather)
  • Programs (Bob)
  • Governance, Advocacy, and Conservation (Kris)
  • Affiliate & Community Engagement (Kris)

2:15             Reports from Special Committees:

                    West River Projects:

  • Budget (Chris) (West River Project Budget)
  • Acid mitigation (George)
  • Counting Fence (Charles)
  • Science (Bob and Eddie)

3:00 – 3:15 Coffee break

 3:15             Future Plans:

  • West River (Doser, Fence)
    • External Funding Sources: (NS, ACOA, RFCPP, ASC, and WWF)
  • NSLC Adopt a Stream (New ENS Stream restoration requirements)
  • Organisation structure required
  • Vote for continuance (West River & NSLC Adopt a Stream)

3:45             New Business:

  • E-mail voting procedures

4:00             Meeting adjourned


date9 Oct

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