Security Personnel at the Provincial Hatchery are always On Guard.

Perry Swan, Doug Bastow are in the photo below. With them is Steve Thibideau the manager of the Provincial Hatchery at Fraser’s Mills. Last week we paid Steve a visit to tour the Hatchery and also to pick up the Trout eggs to be hatch out at The Tatamagouche Elementary School. Our Fish Friends Program has been going for several years now and allows the students to manage the small aquarium and the eggs to hatch out. The kids then release the ¬†tiny trout in the Waugh’s River.



The picture below clearly identifies that this tray of approximately 40,000 salmon eggs is part of our Waugh’s River Broodstock Program . The Province is a vital Partner with our Association to ensure that salmon numbers returning to our rivers will continue to rise.



date23 Mar

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