We are most grateful for the decision by NS Department of Fisheries to assist our Association with Salmon Brood Stock collection on The Waugh’s River. Today was a bright and sunny day but believe me the water temperature was too cold for a swim without the Dry Suit. Fortunately The Province is well trained and well equipped to do the job properly.


Ten or more fish will be taken from the River today to be transferred to the provincial hatchery in Antigonish.  Once the eggs have  been fertilized the brood stock fish will be put back in The Waugh’s River. Hopefully next spring our volunteers at our Fish Hatchery at Fergusons Brook will prepare for the release of thousands of salmon Parr back into The Waugh’s River.
On that note 12,500 good size Parr were released  upstream of The Falls last week.


The technical staff at the Province have told us that they expect that some this year’s grilse were fish that we hatched out several years ago. The circle of life continues even if it has to do a detour to Antigonish to make it possible for a few.

date28 Oct

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  1. Doug Bastow
    6:44 pm on October 28th, 2013

    Looks like a very successful operation

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