The Wednesday morning Ladies Coffee Club from the Tatamagouche area paid a visit to The Waugh’s River on Wednesday this week. Perry Swan, Current Chairman of The North Shore River Restoration Association and Past Chairman John O’Hearn provided the Ladies with a guided tour of the Fish Ladder at The Falls, The Fish Hatchery at Ferguson’s Brook plus a walk along the river trail.

“ It was impressive to see the number of structures that the river crews have built over the past 12 years.

I don’t think that any of our group were actually aware of the degree of construction that has been accomplished by this volunteer group. “ commented Estelle O’Hearn.

Perry Swan who has hosted dozens of these river walks over the past years said ,

“ We couldn’t have picked a better day for the Walk. No flies, low water levels that allowed easy trail walking and plenty of sunshine. Oh, plus we had a group that was very interested in the work that we do. Can’t beat that combination!!


date8 Jun

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