This year the NCRRA team are working on a project on the French River.

With the hep of Amy Weston and Nick MacInnis from Adopt A Stream we have identified an area above New Annan on the French that has a number of old structures, some needing repair and some replacing.

We have identified enough work for at least two seasons of work for our crew.

This year the crew started work on July 4th with the first day devoted to marking out a work plan followed by day two at a training day facilitated by Adopt A Stream in Pictou.

This year we are very pleased to have a student with two previous years of experience on our crew as the Supervisor.  Andee Weatherby just graduated from high school and is off for further study at the College of the North Atlantic in Corner Brook NL in the fall.

Also returning from last years crew are Jack Langille and Kaleb Buckler. Our newest member this year is Justin Farrell. 

Andee Weatherby, Kaleb Buckler, Jack Langille, Justin Farrell.

date8 Jul

2016 NCRRA Annual Report

date31 Dec





The Summer Crew for 2016 and their new supervisor are busy at work on our project for this year.

Supervisor Dana Hingley
Andee Weatherby, returning from last year
Jack Langille
Kaleb Buckler

We started this year with a audit of the river around areas where we had done work over the past 2 years. Structures requiring maintenance were identified and areas where new work was required were flagged . Dana, Frank and I did an inventory of our equipment and our power tools were serviced for safe and proper operation.

In late June we sent Dana and Andee to a 3 day workshop sponsored by Clean Nova Scotia which was held at Dalhousie in Truro. The whole crew dad a 1 day hands on workshop with Adopt A Stream in Pictou centered around proper structure building and placement.

Last week we were pleased to have Charles Macinnis , a consultant with Adopt A Stream and Nick Macinnis from Adopt A Stream spend a day on the river with Frank and I and the crew setting out a detailed work plan for the year. We really appreciate their expert advise.

Its now warm and hot days on the river for the crew completing the tasks at hand.

Doug Bastow

date19 Jul
Frank checking out the flow in the ladder

Frank checking out the flow in the ladder

New deflector installed at the top of the fish ladder last fall

New deflector installed at the top of the fish ladder last fall

Fish Ladder at high water

Fish Ladder at high water

date3 May

Greetings to all.
The Assoc held its early spring meeting at the library on April 19th. Discussion items included posting of applications for this years supervisor and student crew members. We have had an excellent response to date. We approved the purchase of a new GPS for use on the summer project. Perry reported that the FISH FRIENDS program had begun with the arrival of fish eggs at the school aquarium .
Our 2015 annual report was published in December and we are starting the 2016 season with a healthy balance.

The hiring committee will spend the next week reviewing job applications and holding interviews.

date3 May

Members and Directors are invited to join the Executive of the Nova Scotia Salmon Association for the 2015 Fall Meeting. 

Tipperary Cafe / Sterling Room, Main Street Tatamagouche


10:30           Call to order

10:45           Approval of minutes:

  • January 2015 (Bridgewater)
  • October 2014 (Antigonish)
  • B. AGM minutes circulated.

10:55           Correspondence (Lahave River, Outdoor Women, and Margaree)

11:00           NSLC Adopt a Stream: Bob Rutherford and Amy Weston

11:30                     Affiliate and Guest Presentations:

North Colchester River Restoration Association

12:00 – 12:45 Lunch break

12:45                     Alan McNeill, NS Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

  • An overview of the draft Strategic Plan for Sportfishing
  • A proposed new salmon enhancement initiative

1:30             Reports from Executive and Standing Committees:

  • Executive
  • Fundraising (Sean)
  • Communications (Heather)
  • Programs (Bob)
  • Governance, Advocacy, and Conservation (Kris)
  • Affiliate & Community Engagement (Kris)

2:15             Reports from Special Committees:

                    West River Projects:

  • Budget (Chris) (West River Project Budget)
  • Acid mitigation (George)
  • Counting Fence (Charles)
  • Science (Bob and Eddie)

3:00 – 3:15 Coffee break

 3:15             Future Plans:

  • West River (Doser, Fence)
    • External Funding Sources: (NS, ACOA, RFCPP, ASC, and WWF)
  • NSLC Adopt a Stream (New ENS Stream restoration requirements)
  • Organisation structure required
  • Vote for continuance (West River & NSLC Adopt a Stream)

3:45             New Business:

  • E-mail voting procedures

4:00             Meeting adjourned


date9 Oct


Friday the 8th of August was a perfect day for a walk on the river, in this case The Waugh’s River.

Once again our Annual River Walk attracted a large number of community members, sponsoring partners and family members of our Summer Crew.

Our objective is to provide an update on our restoration work as well as an opportunity to demonstrate some of the techniques that our crew uses to enhance the water quality of our watershed.

Fish Habitat is our main objective but passing on knowledge and leadership skills to our Summer Crew is also of vital importance. Feedback from our visitors on Friday tells us that we are doing all the above in the right way.

webNathanThank you for your Support.


date9 Aug

WEBCREW Our 2015 Summer Crew members are Colton Mardian, Andee Weatherby, Kevin Dolye and Supervisor Nathan Martin.

5 weeks pass quickly when you are busy and busy they have been.

Bush Bundles built and meshed into the river bank in the upper reaches of the Waugh’s River near Earltown has been their assignment for July.

August will see a continuation of this work plan plus planning and directing our Annual River Walk for our Partners and members of the general public.

Stay tuned to this Web Page for more info on our upcoming River Walk.


date29 Jul

Our work is only possible because we partner with others to achieve our objectives. NSLC Adopt A Stream is one of our major partners.     The program provides funding and technical support to help community volunteer organizations  like ourselves to undertake projects to protect, repair and improve the aquatic and riparian habitats.

Each year NSLC Adopt a Stream spends time on the river with our staff to evaluate the progress of our summer work plan and where necessary provide  valuable advice.

In the photo below Amy Weston is spending a day on the Waugh’s River with our crew.



date24 Jul


After three years as a NCRRA crew member Nathan Martin has returned to the rivers as our new  Crew Supervisor.

Nathan is currently studying Forestry in Fredericton.

Nathan understands the work involved and he certainly has a deep appreciation for our watershed.

A good leader and an avid angler Nathan will prove to be a fine role model for the younger crew members.


date23 Jun